MIZZY ARRESTED: Tiktok Prank Video Creator Arrested for Entering Home

Self-described prank video creator Mizzy (real name Bacari Ogarro) has been arrested after the public outcry from his prank videos on social media.

Mizzy went viral for posting prank videos on TikTok and YouTube that some may consider criminal. One video shows him seemingly running away with an elderly woman’s dog.

Another shows him entering a London home:

The latter went viral and the prank was met with outrage from the online community, many calling for the prankster to be arrested.

In a report from The Independent, the teen is quoted saying that “it’s the fact that people are talking that’s important”.

His viral videos reached the attention of politicians like Labour MP Alex Davies-Jones, who called them upsetting, and added: “Yet another example of how we desperately need the Online Safety Bill to hold the social media platforms to account.”

Other politicians and social media users called for police action after viewing the viral videos.

On May 23, 2023, following an investigation of his videos, the DailyMail reports that the teen has been arrested for causing a public nuisance. In a separate DailyMail report, Mizzy is said to be charged for failing to comply with community protection notice from his past interactions with the law and was subsequently released with a criminal protection order.

His YouTube channel and TikTok accounts have both been suspended since the arrest for violating community guidelines.